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Trade Schools Need Marketers That Focus Exclusively on Enrollments

Marketing can be a big investment. Rightly, trade schools and other educational institutes looking to increase enrollments want to ensure that they’re getting a good return on that investment.

While there are a lot of marketing companies out there, few have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide a great ROI, especially when it comes to enrollments. Marketing tactics that might move consumer goods or sell professional services often fall flat when it comes to increasing enrollments. They must understand why people make the decision to enroll and be able to harness that in their advertising message.

When I was on the other side of the table, working in enrollments at a trade school, I had a marketing firm quote me $7,000 a month. That’s a lot of money but if the results justified it, it could have still been a good investment based on the margins for our programs. Yet the more I talked with the company, the more I realized that they didn’t understand all of the nuances that go into enrollment marketing. Amazing pitch deck but the substance simply wasn’t there.

For one, a lot of marketing companies focus too much on generating leads. But when it comes to enrollments, conversions are what really counts. I’ll take one enrollment over a hundred lukewarm leads generated by a traditional marketing campaign. Let’s take a deep dive into why.

Traditional Marketing Simply Isn’t Enough

A lot of marketing companies are also heavily dependent on Google Adwords and other expensive platforms. These platforms can work, sometimes, but they’re extremely expensive and often the results don’t justify the costs.

Even worse, if a marketer doesn’t truly understand the industry, they could get your trade school in hot water by violating various compliance and regulations. For example, a marketer might promise jobs to enrollees. What could be a better selling point?

Yet promising a job usually falls on the wrong side of advertising regulations. Even if a marketing agency was ultimately responsible for compliance issues, it’s the trade school that will be punished. The Veteran Affairs department and other funding organizations might even pull the school’s financing.

Does the Marketer Truly Understand Why People Enroll?

Good marketers need to know their audience, in this case, students. It’s vital to understand the student’s journey (similar to a customer’s journey, but filled with its own nuances) and what their wants and needs are.

Why is the student looking to enroll in a trades program at all? Understanding this why should be the basis of any marketing campaign.

A great marketer will also understand the student’s journey. How does their decision-making process work? Where are the various touchpoints? Once you know the touchpoints, you can craft marketing messages and tactics that address the student’s wants and needs.

Going Beyond Lukewarm Leads to Secure Enrollments

Lukewarm leads aren’t enough. Pageviews and clicks on ads don’t necessarily lead to enrollments. Instead, you have to get to know the student. At Leadspeed, we use surveys and make enrollment calls to engage with prospective students directly. As we get a better feel for the student and their needs, we can inform them about trade schools and why specific programs are a good fit. By keeping our hand on the pulse, we are able to outperform all of our competition.

Too many marketing firms remain stuck on the front end. They obsess over pageviews, likes, shares, and the like. These metrics are important but enrollments are where it really counts. This requires a merger of marketing and sales, leveraging each touch with a potential student as an opportunity to secure an enrollment.

By using the tools of the future, Leadspeed can learn more about students. And by contacting students directly, we can learn about common concerns and objections. We also get to understand the potential student’s pain points.

Once we know all of the above, we can find a solution to those pains, meaning the right trade school program. So far, the results have been fantastic for Leadspeed’s clients.

By Focusing on Enrollments, We Can Deliver on the Metric That Matters Most

Though some marketers believe you simply need to update your website or fix your signage, we know what it really takes to increase student enrollments.

Results. For one client in California, we are able to take a 1k per month ads budget and turn it into 130 plus leads -most of whom were veterans- who were interested in an IT program. We were able to take a $2,500 per month ads budget and turn that into nearly 400 leads per month for a school. We then took those leads, called them, and turned that into nearly 400k in enrollment revenue.

You’ll struggle to get those types of returns with a traditional marketing firm. With Leadspeed, you can expect results, and most importantly, enrollments.

The take-away? At Leadspeed, we have worked with training centers across the country and we understand their unique needs. And that means focusing on enrollments.