Data has become more valuable than oil. Read this article to stop leaving so much money on the table.

The Importance of Facebook Pixel

Every school wants to market itself well, but there are only a few that actually do so. Gone are the days when the only mediums for marketing to increase enrollments were flyers and billboards.

The rapid growth of technology has provided advantages, and one of those advantages is social media. It is free, simple, convenient and one of the most effective ways to enhance enrollments, especially because a majority of students use it.

That being said, a lot of schools that do use Facebook marketing do not utilize it the right way. One of the biggest mistakes that they make with their marketing efforts is not making use of the Pixel.

What Is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is a tool that provides detailed analysis and data regarding Facebook. The tool has a code, which users can enter on their websites. Once they do that, pixel begins tracking visitors.

This kind of data helps users to retarget their ads to potential enrollments in the future. It also lets users track the action of the people who return to their websites.

This analytics tool provides excellent insight regarding the audience, sends targeted messages to preexisting customers who are well versed with the brand’s history and details. Facebook Pixel also keeps the efficiency of paid advertising efforts in check.

Mentioned below are three crucial areas that Facebook Pixel can help schools with.

  • Unlocking Extra Facebook Ad Tools
  • Building an Audience to Advertise to
  • Making Sure That the Right Target Audience Sees Their Ads

Facebook pixel triggers and places cookies on the school or college’s website for tracking users when they interact with ads. Schools can leverage Facebook pixel’s wide range of tools for collecting data and refining their targeting strategies.

Tracking Conversions

As mentioned earlier, Facebook pixel helps monitor the activities of different users present on a website. These users arrive at a schools’, or any other website for that matter, after being redirected from Facebook.

Any device can be used for tracking these users. Moreover, the company that is tracking can also track its users despite the type of gadget they are using. There are occasions when customers see advertisements on their mobile phones, but turn over to their laptop to enter the link they see with that ad or vice versa.

Facebook Pixel can track their activities too. It helps make strategic adjustments and increase ROI.

Running Effective Ads on Facebook

By using Facebook Pixel, institutions can improve the visibility of their ads to their target audiences. The data that the tool provides is also useful for ensuring that your ad appears in front of people who have the best likelihood of taking an action.

Using Facebook Pixel

Two different event types are there for tracking pixel data on this tool. The nine standard events predefined by Facebook is the first type, while the other one is customizable. Specific actions that users take on websites are known as events.

Bottom Line

Having the right data is a game-changer for educational institutions for increasing enrollments, and Facebook's pixel is the perfect tool to give them just that. Its analytical properties are second to none. Lastly, it is user-friendly and has excellent features for boosting registrations.