Your prospective students are online all day! They are constantly checking their Facebook and Instagram. They spend hours watching videos on YouTube and scanning review sites. The secret science is knowing HOW to reach them and what message to use.


That is where LeadSpeed comes in. Our award-winning team of marketing and enrollment specialists knows how to generate high-quality leads and then how to turn those leads into students for your school. Our team has years of experience in the enrollment industry with the ability to leverage platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, HubSpot, and more, to increase enrollments. When results matter, choose LeadSpeed.

A Step-By-Step Approach


We’ll help you find the RIGHT candidates for your program. We start by performing a comprehensive analysis of your school and then conduct market research.

We create a profile of your ideal candidates and use this profile to guide our campaign.


Once we know who we’re targeting, we define the customer journey and create an advertising strategy guaranteed to attract ideal candidates and create happy customers for your program.


The research we perform allows us to reach your prospects in the places that they’re already spending time. We leverage platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and more to attract your ideal candidates. We know where your candidates are - and we know how to reach them!


Once we’ve created a steady stream of new leads for your school, we create automations to send those leads directly into your CRM. We make it easy for your team to convert candidates into paying students - and easy for you to manage the whole process.


The money is in the follow-up. Our advertising system includes custom follow-up sequences to keep prospects engaged and ultimately convert them into paying customers.


This is where the fun begins. We have a team of experts when it comes to enrollments. From IT training to beauty schools. We have you covered. With the ability to generate the leads and turn those leads to enrollments, no wonder trade schools across the country choose us. (You must apply for this service).

Hear What Others Are Saying

Before working with LeadSpeed the team and I used to joke that we had the best training programs that nobody knew about. We always maintained a high placement rate, had VA approval, and delivered award winning content. The problem was our enrollment revenue didn’t reflect the work that we do. We decided to hire leadspeed to help us with VA enrollments, and we have been very impressed with their work. Our classes are now full and have a waitlist. The best part is they send quality students that succeed in our programs.

John Ramirez

We own a training center in California, and we decided to hire LeadSpeed to help us increase our student enrollments. They had a full system for schools like ours and that is why we decided to give them a chance. We were able to implement that system to help us achieve a 38X ROI in the first 2 months (nearly $425k in enrollment revenue) . We have been with them for over 6 months now and our pipeline is over 1.8 MILLION from the leads that they have been sending us. Though we were skeptical at first, we highly recommend the LeadSpeed team if you want a team that produces tangible results.

Can’t Disclose name based on active NDA

We hired LeadSpeed after the last agency we hired failed to deliver on what they said. We were reluctant to hire another agency, but after speaking with the team, we knew that these guys knew what they were doing. We are 3 months in and things are going better than we anticipated. We have a steady amount of new business leads every day and are very happy. Right now we have already gotten an 18X ROI, which is above our initial 3 month goal.

Sarah Reddin- Finntech

Additional Services

GIVE YOUR PROGRAM THE EXTRA BOOST IT NEEDS We Also Offer Additional Services For Centers That Want To Increase Enrollments Across All Funding Sources.

Workforce/ Grant Funding

We don't only work with veterans. We can help you boost candidates that would qualify for grants such as those from Career Source and other.

Done-For-You Conversion

If you’d like to make this a truly hands-off endeavor, we can handle the follow-up and conversion of the leads we generate. Our team will call your candidates and handle the sign-up process independently. You get to sit back and watch your enrollment skyrocket!

Enrollment Consulting

A proven straight line sales system and training package customized to produce high conversion rates. We help your team maximize conversations and turn "interest" into "enrollments."

We offer consulting, program development, and sales training for schools who want to drastically improve their results.

Let's help you!

Our automated systems work 24/7 so you can focus on your business operations