Little Known Marketing Compliance Regulations When Working With Trade Schools

Finding a marketing agency to help you increase enrollments is already difficult. Finding an agency that can actually deliver when it comes to enrollments is hard, but things just became even more difficult.

Now instead of just trying to find the needle in the haystack that can deliver results, you also have to worry about how they go about getting those results, especially when working with VA funding such as the GI. Bill. In the old days, schools could say just about anything on their online advertisements. You had some schools even putting up fake jobs just to attack students.

Rightfully, this brought heavy scrutiny on the training industry and caused the OIG and VA to take a closer look at the marketing practices of schools. They specifically focused on "for-profit" schools after becoming aware of some less than ethical practices. While some tried to blame 3rd party marketing agencies, the end result was detrimental to some schools and paved the path for marketing regulations in this industry.

To sum up the new regulations, as an owner of a trade school, you're responsible for the marketing that is done on your behalf. This means if you hire some half-baked marketing agency that takes the easy route and starts promising jobs, you will be held responsible. This means if they make-up things about your program to entice students to sign-up for your programs, you will be held responsible.

If you don't want to have your funding sources taken away for your programs, that means you now have to find a marketing agency that can not only get results but can also stay compliant.

At LeadSpeed we provide a compliance drive for each of our clients so that they know what is being run on their behalf, and can have everything organized when audit time comes. If you're currently working with a marketing agency, ask them to create a compliance drive for you so that you can cover your ....

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