Increase Student Enrollments And The Quality Of Conversations With Prospective Students Through The Power Of A.I.

Trade Schools across the country are leveraging the power of technology and artificial intelligence to increase student enrollments. In the video above, we discuss how you can implement this tool to work 24/7 as an extension of your enrollment team.

Some people refer to that tool as a "chatbot" or autoresponder for facebook messenger. The reason why chatbots are so effective because the response and click-through rate is out of this world. People are much less likely to open an email than they are to open a Facebook message, and that is why we use this medium to build relationships with prospects.

At LeadSpeed we have been using this technology for years and we have gathered hard data to back up the major impact that this technology has made in the enrollment process.

Regardless of the type of school that you own, this tool can help you to prequalify prospective students before you ever speak with them on the phone. It has been a complete gamechanger for our clients, and we hope that more schools work to implement this technology as we move further into the digital age.

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