How to increase student enrollments with HubSpot.

When working with enrollments day in and day out, it is important to stay organized and be able to track your enrollments from lead to conversion.

We generate 100's of leads daily using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more. However, lead generation is only 1 part of increasing enrollments. We also have a team of experienced enrollment professionals that turn those leads into students.

To pull off an operation like that, we must have a centralized hub. A hub where the lead is tracked from start to finish.

That is where HubSpot comes into play for us. We use HubSpot as our cloud-based CRM (customer relationship manager) and marketing hub.

By integrating software like HubSpot, we are able to have everything in one place. When someone clicks on one of our ads, the contact is instantly created in HubSpot.

From there we are able to see what ad the prospect clicked on, how many times they viewed our website, and we are even able to see how many times a prospect is opening our emails.  This has allowed us to increase student enrollments because we can hyper-focus our time on people that are actually interested in what we offer.

Before diving deep into HubSpot, we were truly an unorganized mess. Leads flowing in from all different directions and no real way to track anything.

Now that we have switched everything over to the HubSpot platform, we have been able to maximize our time and drastically increase the number of students in which we can enroll each day.

To learn more about HubSpot, we recommend that you start off with the free version and see if it fits your needs.

This could just be the tool you need to run at maximum efficiency.

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