Using Enrollment-First Marketing to Turbocharge an IT Training Center

Imagine it. The deadline is approaching. You’ve only got a few weeks left to lock down enrollments before the next class starts. Classes are on track to break even at best. You’re calling up every lead but more often than not, they’re hanging up right after you say “hi.” 

Many enrollment officers have been through the above. Deadlines always feel like they’re tomorrow and results needed to be delivered yesterday. You’ve got a great program, your costs are affordable, students are graduating and starting awesome careers. And still, enrollments are hard to come by. 

Enrollment marketing is difficult but doable. You need to have a deep understanding of the students’ point-of-view, their needs, and their entire journey. You also need a great team in place that can properly pitch every potential enrollment.

At Leadspeed, we’re laser-focused on increasing enrollments. Marketing comes second. Let’s go over a brief case study and show how Leadspeed produced concrete results for an IT training center in Arizona.

Using Enrollment-First Marketing to Turbocharge an IT Training Center 


An IT training center hired Leadspeed to help increase consumer enrollments. The company already had a solid B2B business but was struggling to attract non-B2B enrollees. 

The training center had been approved for funding through both the WIOA and the VA (Post 911 GI Bill approved), as well as traditional student loans. This made consumer enrollments an ideal area for growth.

The IT Center engaged Leadspeed with the goal of securing five consumer students (minimum) per track. This would allow them to run sustainable and profitable programs. 

Where Leadspeed Comes In

Getting Started: Finding the Best Programs for the Right Students

Leadspeed has its own tactics and methods for drumming up enrollments. However, before we even consider rolling out our process, we first work with our clients to understand their needs and also to identify which programs are the best fit for their target students. 

In the case of vets and WIOA enrollees, securing training and credentials quickly is very important. Fortunately, the training center offered $24,000/9-week programs, meaning students could start their careers quickly.

Results: We worked with the school to find a program that would be very appealing to veterans.

Step One: Use Facebook to generate leads

First, Leadspeed turned to Facebook to drum up leads and test the local market. Almost immediately, we started generating a large number of leads. Initially, leads were handed off to the IT center’s sales team.

A lot of marketing companies can set up Facebook campaigns that will generate luke-warm leads. However, targeting is vital when it comes to Facebook marketing. 

You need to find the best prospects, the ones who will benefit most from your programs. If you can find these prospects, you can create a win-win for the student and your programs. You’ll also identify the prospective students most likely to pull the trigger.

Results: In this first stage, Leadspeed met the goal of 5 enrollments per track. But why aim for the moon when you can shoot for the stars? 

Step Two: Leadspeed Builds Residency Program

The initial Facebook campaigns quickly generated results. We knew more enrollments were out there. So Leadspeed set up a residency program to expand the trade school’s footprint into new markets. This allowed us to bring in students from out of state.

In order to facilitate the student’s education, we set up discounted stays at nearby hotels that the school then pays for it. While this does add costs, the IT Center was still able to turn a healthy profit. 

The residency program helped the IT Center increase its geographical footprint and it’s now growing from a regional leader into a national brand.

Step Three: Leadspeed takes over sales

The IT center quickly realized that their sales staff was optimized for B2B sales and was struggling to keep up with the consumer leads generated. The IT Center contracted Leadspeed to take over consumer enrollment.

Using information gathered through surveys, chatbots, and other sources, Leadspeed qualified and identified the best leads. We then followed up with each lead, leveraging our years of enrollment experience to engage students. 

Enrollment marketing is immensely difficult. You need to have a great script, strike the right tone, trust your product, sell based on outcomes, and know how to ask the right questions, among other things. Sound overwhelming? Check out our “Five Big Keys to Enrollment Marketing Success.”

Total Results: Actual Revenues Blew Target Revenues Out of the Water

At Leadspeed, we’d rather exceed expectations than met them. When the trade center contracted us, they set an ambitious goal of hitting $58,064 dollars in revenues, enough to turn a small profit on their fledgling consumer programs. We got them to $126,000 in closed company currency within about a month!

More enrollments have continued to roll in since. The school has gone from almost no consumer revenue to over $300,000 per month! So far, over 1,000 veterans have expressed interest in their programs, and remember, they just recently rolled out their consumer programs. Leadspeed was able to accomplish all of the above in just 3 months, on a $7,500 marketing budget, generating $558,000 dollars in enrollments.

Leadspeed didn’t accomplish all of the above on our own. The school’s enrollment team was quick to pick up and implement our tactics. Meanwhile, the school’s leadership was fully behind us from the beginning. And by working together, we were able to secure great results.