Creating an ads Library for your trade school, and why you need one. 

What Is An Ads Library? 

An Ads library is simply a stockpile of sales copy and creative for you to use in your marketing campaigns.

If you run digital ads for your trade school now, you have had probably seen that after time, your lead cost starts to rise and your results begin to diminish. This is a common problem that I ran into nearly 2 years ago.

When it happened the first time, I panicked and scrambled to find an answer to why my leads had suddenly stopped coming in. We had a winning video ad that was crushing it for us regarding enrollment inquiries.

We had finally gone from what felt like chasing students to them chasing us, but in a matter of days it felt like it was crashing down on us.  The lead flow was slowing down right when we were gaining major traction and building a waitlist for the coming months.

We tried everything from refreshing the ad to creating new audiences to show our winning ad to. Though we tried so many things, the results kept diminishing.

This is when I decided to bring in the big guns. An advertising consultant from overseas that specializes in interpreting marketing data.

After nearly 5 hours at nearly $1,000 per hour, the magician had the answer to our problems. To this day, I'm still unsure if the cost was more painful or the simplicity of the solution.

The answer was simply NEW and FRESH creative and sales copy. You see, people had become numb to the video after seeing it pop up in their timeline so many times. The message spoke to many, but there were different angles that needed to be hit in order for some of our audience to take action. Not everyone is attracted or motivated by the same thing and that is why it is so important to keep your marketing fresh.

The final advise that was given to us was to create an ads library. Each week we were tasked with creating new sales copy, finding new images, and making a new video.

Though some weeks we do more than others, by implementing this simple solution we have been able to maintain a consistent lead flow and decrease our cost per lead.

To busy to handle this all yourself? The LeadSpeed team is here to help. Our team of enrollment experts can help you with everything from lead generation, sales and marketing automation, follow-up, and we even offer a white-glove enrollment service for schools that qualify.