It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal

Kyle Kotecha founded LeadSpeed as a direct result of his personal life experience.
Kyle served in the US Army, and after leaving the service, he struggled to find gainful employment - like many veterans. After bouncing from job to job, he had the opportunity to work for a trade school.
While working at the school, Kyle saw firsthand how well the school served veterans. Veterans like him, who had the drive, the ability, the professionalism, and the commitment developed through military experience - but didn’t have the formal education to immediately qualify for a good job.
Unlike many expensive colleges and universities, trade schools prepare students for the real-world and enable them to land a quality job in a short period of time. They provide practical education and a valuable launching-point towards a new career.
At the same time, Kyle realized that most trade schools struggle to attract new enrollees. Many of them are using out-dated tactics, like cold-calling, attending career fairs, and hosting events in a desperate attempt to boost enrollment.
A true entrepreneur, Kyle identified a problem and an opportunity: Trade schools need veterans, and veterans need trade schools.
So, he went to work creating a modern solution, and LeadSpeed was born.
LeadSpeed serves trade schools by massively increasing their applications and enrollments. And it serves veterans by helping them find a valuable “next step” in their post-service career.
It’s a true win-win scenario. That’s why at LeadSpeed, it’s not just business - it’s personal.

Modern Digital Solutions

Outdated tactics, like cold-calling, are inefficient and frustrating. At LeadSpeed, we use modern marketing technology to match veterans with trade schools.

Increase Trade School Enrollment

We drive qualified leads to your school, dramatically increasing applications and enrollment.

How it Works

In 3 Simple Steps

TARGET - We combine market research with modern data analysis in order to identify - and reach - your ideal candidates.
ENGAGE - Using cutting-edge digital assets, we educate candidates about your program and get them excited about your certification program.
CONVERT - We send you highly-qualified, well-vetted prospects that your team can easily convert into students.

Join Us

If you’re ready for a flood of new, highly-qualified applicants for your school, let’s talk.
Our system works for centers across the country and we can’t wait to go to work for you!


Additional Services

We offer consulting, program development, and sales training for centers who want to drastically improve their program.
  • Learn which course and schedules will attract the most students
  • Discover how to fill all of your classrooms and have the rolling schedule you've always wanted
  • A proven straight line sales system and training package customized to produce high conversion rates

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