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We hired LeadSpeed after the last agency we hired failed to deliver on what they said. We were reluctant to hire another agency, but after speaking with the team, we knew that these guys knew what they were doing. We are 3 months in and things are going better than we anticipated. We have a steady amount of new business leads every day and are very happy. Right now we have already gotten an 18X ROI, which is above our initial 3 month goal.

Sarah Reddin- Finntech

Before working with LeadSpeed the team and I used to joke that we had the best training programs that nobody knew about. We always maintained a high placement rate, had VA approval, and delivered award winning content. The problem was our enrollment revenue didn’t reflect the work that we do. We decided to hire leadspeed to help us with VA enrollments, and we have been very impressed with their work. Our classes are now full and have a waitlist. The best part is they send quality students that succeed in our programs.

John Ramirez

We own a training center in California, and we decided to hire LeadSpeed to help us increase our student enrollments. They had a full system for schools like ours and that is why we decided to give them a chance. We were able to implement that system to help us achieve a 38X ROI in the first 2 months (nearly $425k in enrollment revenue) . We have been with them for over 6 months now and our pipeline is over 1.8 MILLION from the leads that they have been sending us. Though we were skeptical at first, we highly recommend the LeadSpeed team if you want a team that produces tangible results.

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